My practice is organized around four functional specialties:

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and businesses that range from the pre-startup phase, to those with annual revenues of approximately $10 million.


By their very natures, accounting and tax work are necessary prerequisites for any successful business operation.  No business can be exceptional without strong accounting and financial controls.  Although essential to business success, they tend be more historically oriented since they are based upon events that have already happened.  In addition to creating a sound financial foundation, my focus is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and to create value.


Some areas in which I do not currently participate include:

  • Attest Services (i.e. Audits, Reviews, Compilations, Agreed Upon Procedures, etc.)
  • General Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Personal Financial Services (i.e. investments, insurance, etc.)
  • Government Entities
  • Publicly Held Entities
  • Pension and Employee Benefit Plans


If you have a need in one of the above areas, I would be happy to refer you to one of my colleagues that do work in these areas.